Detective-TrailsEine Familie beim Detektiv-Trail Rätsel lösen.

Have you ever visited a city thinking: I am walking on the tourist tracks, getting all the historical information that I will forget when I get home, I am just taking pictures of every beautiful building, selfies on the bridges, with sculptures…etc. etc. ?

How about trying something new, explore the city in a different way and get more exciting information about the location? Something not for the experts of the castles, kings and museums, but for the ones searching for alternative things to do. Trust me, it is possible and it is very easy and accessible.

Detective–Trails by MyCityHighlight developed together with Detective Badger is what you should take a look at. What is the Detective – Trail? It is an application for your mobile phone that allows you to go on a fun and mysterious treasure hunt. Not a big fan of mobile technology? You can also do it with a print version of Detective- Trail.


You might be thinking, how does our treasure hunt work?

It is very easy and I will explain everything in this article. First of all, you need to show up at the location of the first riddle. This is usually somewhere in the city center, close to the central station or someplace simply that everyone knows and is hard to miss. From this point, your adventure with Detective-Trail starts. You need to follow the instructions to move from one point to another and answer puzzle questions. It is only possible to solve the mystery when you are in the actual location of the riddle. If you use the app version of the Detective-Trail, you will know right away if your answer was correct. On a print, it might be more tricky and you will need correct answers to calculate final code at the end of the trail, so be careful and think twice if you are not sure about the correct answer. But…if you reach the final point of our Detective-Trail with wrong calculation, you can still hope for the best and I can assure you that partners of our treasure hunts, where the ending point is located, are very understanding. Just because it is all about having fun and you did, so we think you deserve the prize no matter what. So we’ll put in a good word for you, but it’s not in our hands. In the app, you will receive a voucher on your phone which you will have to show at our partner location in order to receive a small gift. In some of the trails, you will have to open the mysterious treasure chest with the code you received at the end of the Detective-Trail and grab one of the prizes. What to do if you are completely stuck? You can just call us and we will help you to find the correct answer.

Eine Familie beim Detektiv-Trail Rätsel lösen.

The Detective-Trail app will use your GPS location. This way you will be able to see on a map exactly where you are and where the next puzzles are located. You will walk for about 4 km and it is completely up to you if you would like to be a fast puzzles solver and get to the final point as quick as possible, or you will enjoy many coffee breaks on the way, exploring the area of the city in a deeper way. At some of the mystery question locations, you will get information about the place, the history and its secrets. They are definitely worth some additional exploring.


Detective Trails are available in Switzerland and many European cities, such as: Vienna, Prague, Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Budapest, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Odessa and more. The mobile app is available on iOS and Android. To buy the printed version, you just need to visit the Detective-Trails website.  They are all designed the way to be fun for families, adults, couples and school classes, so simply everyone can join Detective Badger on this adventure.

How to succeed on a Detective-Trail? Keep your eye and mind open, some questions might surprise you and will be tricky, but the correct answer is always close to you. Have fun with the Detective Badger on mysterious Detective-Trails! And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our team under this email:

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