Leisure trails for school trips

Experiences for your class

Are you looking for an idea for an excursion for the next school trip or project week? Enrich your class with our large selection of leisure trails. Whether it’s a scavenger hunt with Detective Badger, an exciting Crime Trail, an entertaining city tour or an action-packed Outdoor Escape Game – find the right school trip idea for you and your students now. Available at any time and without reservation in many Swiss cities and regions!

without reservation

Scavenger hunt


The riddle adventure with Detective Badger for young and old.

Available in Switzerland, Germany and Austria

Solve criminal cases

Crime Trails

One team. One crime. Can you solve the case?

Available in Switzerland, Germany and Austria

Interactive city tour


Entertaining scavenger hunt in search of the tour guide Daniel.

Available in Switzerland

Outdoor Escape Game


Can you stop the mad criminal in time?

Available in Switzerland and Germany

Good to know

For maximum enjoynebt, we recommend forming groups of max. 5 people. More people are divided into more teams accordingly. With the exception of the Detective Trail, they start at the same time. On the Detective Trails, we recommend starting the groups 5-10 minutes apart. Depending on the trail, progress and breaks, you will be on the move for between one and four hours. Have fun!

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