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Ideas for everyday school life

Our learning material for school lessons combines live and digital experiences and promotes various learning skills accordingly. The teaching material is designed in a playful way, which means that the students learn interesting and useful things about various topics in a motivating way. Find the right worksheets or the right e-learning for your lessons now!

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Researcher's afternoon


Go on an expedition and solve the research questions.

Playable from any location

Scavenger hunt


The riddle adventure with Detective Badger for young and old.

Available in Switzerland, Germany and Austria

Solve criminal cases

Crime Trails

One team. One crime. Can you solve the case?

Available in Switzerland, Germany and Austria

Interactive city tour


Entertaining scavenger hunt in search of the tour guide Daniel.

Available in Switzerland

Outdoor Escape Game


Can you stop the mad criminal in time?

Available in Switzerland and Germany


The mystery stories with Detective Badger to puzzle along with.

Playable from any location

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